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B3453 How I Met God (Book)

SKU: B3453
  • By Hellmut Laun. Introduction by the author's son, Bishop Andreas Laun, retired auxiliary bishop of Salzburg, Austria.


     During World War I, a young man in Germany grows up without any religion whatsoever. In school, he is taught to loathe the Catholic Church.


    After finishing high school, he emigrates to Austria where economic conditions are better, and quickly climbs the company ladder. He has a great life, but still has no use for God…. until one day, after a tragic accident, he nearly dies on the operating table.


    As his life hovers in the balance, he has a near-death experience which forever changes him. He has remarkable dreams which teach him the truths of the faith. He tries calling on the Souls in Purgatory for their help, receiving a startling answer.


    He crosses paths with an amazing array of friends, including Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand. The young man soon becomes convinced that the Catholic Church is the source of the full truth about man and God.


    But... Hitler is taking power in Germany and then Austria, and becoming Catholic just now isn’t exactly the way to stay safe and comfortable. What will he do? If he follows his conscience, if he secretly employs Jews in his factory, if he helps Dietrich von Hildebrand escape the Nazis, if he stops the manufacture of contraceptive devices in his workplace…. what will happen?


    Read this jaw-dropping true story, and marvel at God’s inscrutable ways.


    120 pp. Softcover.


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