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"Excellent book. I laughed. I cried. It made me think about my family and my life and how I take things for granted. I really enjoyed this book." 
—A reader

Christmas Miracle Baby (Book) #3426

SKU: 3426
  • By Evan Caritas. Bill Paulson is a brilliant software engineer with a prestigious job, a rising career, and all the material things he could desire. His biggest problem was his constantly fighting children, who he tries his best to avoid. But one Christmas Day, Bill finds a strange  baby on his porch, and several uncanny circumstances lead him to believe it is the Baby Jesus. But... is it really the Baby Jesus or just an ordinary baby? And what happens to the family when Bill and his wife try to adopt the baby? Christmas Miracle Baby is a humorous, entertaining and thought-provoking tale which could change your family's life, too! 182 pp. Softcover.

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