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    Finding Viganò: In Search of the Man Whose Testimony Shook the Church and the World

    By Robert Moynihan, editor of Inside the Vatican magazine. Featuring an in-person and revelatory interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

    This is more than the story of a physical finding. It is also the story of finding out the secret and center of a man: what he loves, what he lives for, what he dreams about, what moves his soul, what has broken his heart. . . .

    Who is this man who, though a high-ranking Vatican official, an “insider,” dared to denounce a pope? Who is this man who dared to denounce as corrupt a clerical culture that he himself was part of for a lifetime? Who is this man who says he has no eloquence, yet writes with an undeniable, deeply moving eloquence? Who is this man who went into hiding and yet has found a way to speak . . . to the entire world? . . .

    This book, then, is an appeal to our bishops, our “protectors,” our “guardians,” to truly BE protectors and guardians, and not to flee in the face of any wolves who may attack the flock. It is an appeal to our bishops to be that which they should be: guardians, protectors. In a word, fathers.

    Hardcover. 370 pp.