A very low-cost and attractive way to promote the pro-life message around election time. These full-color business-size cards can be distributed among family members and church groups, at public events, with your correspondence and more. Distribute with a smile and a simple request to “pass it on.” Only God knows how many hearts we can reach in this manner, perhaps thereby preventing abortion candidates. Order your supply today!

Item #0525 "God loved you even at this age. Remember that when you vote!

Item # 0526 DO NOT support Candidates who deny the humanity of pre-natal babies!

Item # 0527 DO NOT support Candidates who advocate violent choices toward Pre-natal babies!

Item # 0528 Do NOT support candidates who ignore the rights of pre-natal babies!

Item # 0529 Do NOT support candidates who discriminate against pre-natal babies!

Life-Cards (Pro-life business cards)


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