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There are materials for every age level from K thru Grade 12. In my experience, however, there is a lack of quality textbooks for the real little kids, age 3 to 6. This void has now been filled with the delightful ten volumes [read on the DVD] of the Questions for God series…. Within these colorful books the entire spectrum of the Catholic Faith is covered with lots of pictures and a few simple words.
—Fr. Edward Gleeson, IL

This is clearly a series created with a love for children, a love for the Catholic faith, and a love for learning....A very attractive product.
—Fr. Bob Schreiner, MN

3438 Questions for God DVD *ONLY*

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  • Book Set read on the DVD: By Peggy Olds. Carries the nihil obstat and imprimatur. A simply written and gloriously illustrated children’s short book series that will help children 3 years old and up to learn about and understand God’s plan for salvation and everlasting life. This 10-book series will enthrall your children with beautiful illustrations and a concise storyline while it gives parents, grandparents, and teachers an opportunity to solidify their own beliefs. (The 10-book set can be purchased in addition to the DVD. Look for stock #3436. To order the books/DVD combo set, look for stock #3437.)

    DVD [this listing]: On the DVD, the texts of all 10 books (above) are read in order, a child reading the questions and an adult reading the answers. Meanwhile, the artwork relating to the page being read is shown, while beautiful music provides the background. An excellent visual and auditory way to reinforce learning and increase enjoyment.

    Each book (containing about 16-20 colorful pages on glossy paper) explores one of these questions: • God, Who Are You? • God, Who Are The Angels? • God, Tell Me About Creation • God, How Did You Plan to Save Us? • God, Who Told Us About Your Plan for Salvation? • God, Who is the Messiah? • God, How Did Jesus Save Us? • God, How Did You Begin Our Church? • God, Does Jesus Keep Helping Us? • God, When Will We Be With You?