B0143 Same-Sex Attraction (booklet)

SKU: B0143
  • Full title: Same-Sex Attraction: A Practical Guide for Family and Friends. By Tamara Cesare with Dr. Timothy Lock. When a friend or family member "comes out" as "gay," we are told to "just love them," which is definitely what we want to do. However, it is often difficult to know what that means or how we can carry that out in real life. There are so many questions and quandaries, so much heartache, so much confusion. This little booklet offers first-hand stories from various persons who have struggled withe beding judged, of wondering how to love without giving up one's own identity as a faithful Catholic. This is a realistic view of the struggles and heartaches, but also a hopeful message that love is always possible. 36 pp. Softcover. 


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