Why or Why Not? Series

Why or Why Not? Series



By Fr. Paul Chaim Schenck



These short pro-life pamphlets address current “hot topics” in an accessible, convincing way anyone can grasp, so you will be able to answer questions about the Catholic Church’s teachings. Written by a priest who has long witnessed (at great personal sacrifice) to the sanctity of life. Excellent additions to parish bulletins or mailings. 


These pamphlets, printed in color on quality glossy paper, are 

 25 (of one title) for $7

 100 (of one title) for $15, or 

 500 (of one title) for $65 


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Item #P001: Why or Why Not Artificial Contraception? 


Item #P002: Why or Why Not Planned Parenthood? 


Item #P003:  Why or Why Not Assisted Suicide?


Item #P004: Why or Why Not Moral Standards for Stem Cell Research?


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