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Angelic Warfare Confraternity Membership Packet

I understand that the cord and/or medal may only be worn by validly received and enrolled members of the confraternity

I understand that there are 2 steps to enrollment:

1. Have a Dominican priest (or any priest with delegation from a promoter of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity) receive me into the confraternity according to the ceremony in the back of the AWC booklet by Fr. Mullady;

2. Fill out the enrollment form in the packet, have the receiving priest sign it, AND mail it in to the address on the form.

I understand that buying/receiving this packet (or this medal) does not make me a member of the confraternity. If ordering for myself, I intend to find a priest (as in #1 above) to receive me into the confraternity within a reasonable period of time. If ordering for others (such as for a group), I will make sure each person receiving such a packet (or medal) clearly understands all of the above.

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