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B3298 Certitude of Truth (Book)

SKU: 3298
  • By Fr. Brian Mullady, OP. Each chapter in this short, very readable book explores and summarizes one among Pope Benedict XVI’s numerous published works. Topics included are as varied as the liturgy, Christ, philosophy, the relation of faith to reason, moral theology, and conscience.


    The intended audience is not only those who are specialists in theology. Rather, the author speaks to the ordinary modestly-educated Catholic. Because all can benefit from reading Pope Benedict’s work, this book is designed to encourage an encounter with the original texts.


    “This small book offers, with the guidance of Pope Benedict, a remarkable survey of modern thought: how we got to where we are, where we went awry, and what we might do to get back on track!”—Fr. Reginald Martin, OP


    Softcover. 81 pp.

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