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"As Christians and Jews following the faith of Abraham, we are called to be a blessing to the world. It is first necessary that we be a blessing to one another."
St. John Paul II

3296 Elder Brothers: The Jews & the Catholic Church

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  • By Dr. Joseph Mauceri. How would a Jew looking in at the Catholic Church see the Jews' long wait for a Messiah, the life of Jesus, the early years of the Church in Jerusalem, the history of Catholic-Jewish relations, the Holocaust, the building of a Jewish state? "A new dialogue is needed, a real dialog—not simply a dialogue of cordiality, but one that goes deep, about a shared revelation, the moral and religious crisis of our time, and 'Him.' Real dialogue must seek the truth and sincerely recover the past." (From the Introduction) This very readable book, filled with interesting stories and insights, can serve as a launching board to a sincere and open look at what binds us and what separates us. 196 pp. Softcover. ISBN 978-1-892875-68-6

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