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"My heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to Msgr. La Femina for the gift to the Church which his book on the Holy Eucharist represents."
—Cardinal Leo Raymond Burke, Rome

"The author's thesis is daring and innovative, but eminently compatible with Catholic doctrine."
—Fr. Aidan Nichols, OP, Cambridge, England

"Meticulous scholarly work... Authentic theology written in faith."
—Auxiliary Bishop Peter J. Elliott, Melbourne, Australia

"Explains... one of the most baffling problems faced by biblical exegetes: the absence of the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper in the Gospel of St. John."
—Msgr. Robert Sarno, Rome

B3278 Eucharist and Covenant (Book)

SKU: B3278
  • By Msgr. Anthony La Femina. Why does St. John's Gospel, which alone mentions the promise of the Eucharist, pass over the fulfillment of that promise at the Last Supper? Or... does it? This dilemma has puzzled scholars for centuries. In this groundbreaking study, the fruit of 35 years of prayer and research, discover the astonishing information about the Eucharist and the New Covenant hidden in the account of the Footwashing! 174 pp. Softcover.

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