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4024 Faith: Heaven’s Knowledge on Earth (pamphlet)

SKU: 4024
  • Full title: Faith: Heaven’s Knowledge Begun on Earth. By Fr. Brian Mullady, OP. Man has an insatiable hunger for the infinite. Through long and arduous reasoning, he can learn some things about God, but this does not satisfy his deep hunger for sure knowledge of the Supreme Being. This is where God’s gift of faith comes in. “Faith is the beginning in us of the knowledge of God which the blessed in heaven have,” explains Fr. Mullady. This knowledge is most certain and the truths it reveals never contradict each other. Amply enriched by Scriptural quotations, this pamphlet shows how faith leads to justification, what faith is not, and what practical consequences faith entails. Also explains how there is no dichotomy between faith as assent to truths and faith as a personal union of the believer with God. An encouraging and enlightening read. 10-panel pamphlet.

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