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Fidelity to God's Design

SKU: B0144
  • This magazine-format publication celebrates and commemorates the 50th anniversary of Bl. Pope Paul VI's 1968 encyclical Humanae Vitae. It is a collection of engaging personal stories and testimonies, reflecting widely-varying personal experiences with the encyclical both from the pews and from the sanctuary—and even from outside the Church. We hear from those raised in families who accepted and lived the encyclical, those who rejected it but then realized its significance and truth, those who preached it to deaf ears, and those who stumbled upon its teachings almost by accident and struggled to understand and obey.


    It is a compelling, surprising lok into the hearts of the faithful who cry out, "Shepherd us!", into the pain and suffering caused by ignorance or rejection of the encyclical, and into the lives of those who accepted the Church's teaching and followed Christ to the cross—accepting loneliness, scorn and isolation—and the joy and rewards that followed. 


    These testimonies can be used to inspire dialog between parents and children, friends and fellow parishioners, and to provide pastors with material for sermons on marital chastity and openness to life. Attractive magazine format with many photos. 56 pp. 

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