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St. Mary's Messenger

  • A great Catholic magazine for kids! Features stories, crafts, puzzles, games, feast day celebration ideas, and much more. Four issues per year (one per season). Makes a great gift!

    Please read ALL the info below before ordering. 

    IMPORTANT: You may order a subscription online ONLY if you are ordering JUST ONE subscription, going to the US, with no other items. If you wish to order books or other items, please place a SEPARATE order for those.


    If buying more than one subscription, or one going to Canada, etc., please CALL US during business hours (9-5 Eastern Time) to order by phone: 270-325-3061. (Our website does NOT calculate the total correctly for these other orders.)


    If your order is eligible to be placed online, please add YOUR email and mailing information in the available window below your gift note. When you reach the PayPal page you will then add information for the recipient of your gift.

    Add it where it says "Add a note," and be sure to do this BEFORE clicking on the Paypal button. The "Add a note" link is to the left of the Paypal button.

    If you accidentally pay before entering the receipient info, please call us at 270-325-3061.

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