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3439 The Prisoner: An Invitation to Hope (book)

SKU: 3439
  • By Paul F. Everett. The first 20 years of Jim Townsend's life were a saga of abuse and violence. On November 13, 1947, in Uniontown, PA, he shot and killed his own pregnant wife just eight months after their wedding. Only 20 at the time, Jim was sentenced to life in prison. 

    Amid the ensuing horror, fear and despair, God's grace was working to bring about a gradual transformation. Over time, Jim's astounding change resulted in both his release from prison and a new life as a Capuchin Brother and apostle to prisoners.

    This incredible book is an absolutely amazing testimony to the power of God's grace. If you thought some people were beyond the reach of mercy and holiness.... read this book and think again! 193 pp. Softcover. 

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