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Year of St. Joseph—Don't Let It Pass You By!

Welcome to our New Hope Publications blog! Here we hope to introduce to you our authors and new publications.

Our first author to be interviewed is Penelope Wolfe, compiler of the beautiful pamphlet entitled Year of St. Joseph, available on our home page.

Ms. Wolfe, please tell us a little about yourself and what you do.

I have been living in Maine for about 10 years, and four years ago went from working in a computer/finance-related telecommuting job to an office manager of a parish in beautiful Mid-Coast Maine that has three churches, plus three island churches in the summer. I do a variety of tasks behind the scenes—answering phones, doing the bulletin, keeping up the website, entering Mass intentions, or whatever else the Fathers, staff or parishioners may need. I also participate in church life, such as helping with RCIA and cantoring at Mass. God keeps me busy! What inspired you to put together this pamphlet?

When Pope Francis’ announcement for the Year of St. Joseph first came out, I certainly saw all the news coverage and articles, but it wasn’t until I actually read his short document, Patris Corde, that I was bowled over by its beauty and how it speaks to the world’s current needs. At the same time, our pastor was offering a men’s mini-retreat on St. Joseph, so I thought it might be helpful to have a pamphlet on the Pope’s document. A friend at New Hope Publications saw it and enthusiastically asked if her company could publish and distribute it widely.

What sources did you use for it?

I used the Decree which announced the Year of St. Joseph, together with Patris Corde, and put it all in a historical context. In addition, I took some quotes and thoughts from Fr. Donald Calloway’s wonderful book, Consecration to St. Joseph. After the Holy Father added some additional invocations to the Litany of St. Joseph on May 1st of this year, my publisher added those to the pamphlet as well. Why do you believe St. Joseph is so important to the world just now?

I think he has always been important, but the Church is guiding us to rediscover him in an age that sorely needs his example and leadership. We can learn from seeing how he took care of the Holy Family when under immense pressure and danger; from his obedience (how he listened to his dreams and always promptly followed God’s direction); and from his perseverance, loyalty, and humility (taking the quiet road, working day in and day out in a laborious job). Most of all, we can profit from his being a tender father, something that so many in our day have not experienced. Like Our Lord, however, each one of us can have this wonderful spiritual father in St. Joseph!

Will the pamphlet be outdated after the Year of St. Joseph ends on Dec. 8th?

When the Year of St. Joseph is over, the publisher will revise the pamphlet a little so that it will be suitable for promoting devotion to St. Joseph at any time.

Publisher’s note: We want to recognize and thank Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP, for his photo of the wonderful painting which graces the front cover of this pamphlet. The painting is found in a church in Rome.

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