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3480 Singing Through Advent to Christmas

SKU: 3480
  • By Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas. Seeing the total destruction of Advent and the near-total destruction of Christmas due to their commercialization over the past forty years or more, well-known author Fr. Peter Stravinskas offers some suggestions on how to re-capture a proper celebration of the Advent-Christmas cycle of the Church’s year.

    A large part of the solution, he suggests, begins with truly beautiful liturgical music. The author examines first the inspired words of the Gospel canticles (the Magnificat, the Nunc Dimittis, etc.), and goes on to give us a meditative tour of many beautiful Advent hymns.

    These hymns and canticles can give us rich food for thought and prayer this Advent season, leading up to a truly joyful Christmas. A fascinating and useful read! 112 pp. Softcover.

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