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3490 Godhead Here in Hiding

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    Godhead Here in Hiding Whom I Do Adore:

    Lay Dominicans Reflect on Eucharistic Adoration

    By  Lay Dominicans  and Fr. Ignatius John Schweitzer, OP  

    Others have discovered the secret! That is the impression one gets in reading reflection after reflection of these souls devoted to Eucharistic Adoration. In these pages, we get a privileged glance into what happens in other people’s Holy Hours. We get to peer into the souls of others in their intimate exchanges with Emmanuel, God-with-us, in the Eucharist...

    The Lay Dominicans in this book have discovered the secret! They have discovered the all-surpassing treasure and value and meaning we have in our Eucharistic Lord in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Adoration. Their deep yearnings have kept them coming back to the Eucharist to touch the human heart’s ultimate fulfillment, God, and then going out to the world with something to share. Contemporaries of our holy father St. Dominic repeatedly said that he was “always speaking either with God or about God.” In this spirit, these Lay Dominicans have discovered the secret and discovered that it is meant to be shared. The Eucharist is a gift to be shared! And they do that beautifully in these pages. 350 pp. Softcover.

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