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B3604 Silent Sermons of Love

  • Full title: Silent Sermons of Love: Preaching and the Dominican Laity

    By Dr. Mary Elizabeth O'Brien, OP, PhD, RN. This work captures in rich detail the ministries of some past members of the Dominican Laity, called to be preachers of grace, who have served as missionary disciples and evangelists, following the call of Saint Dominic. As extraordinary exemplars of missionaries and disciples, the lives and ministries of Zdislava of Lemberk, Giovanna of Orvieto, Sibyllina of Pavia, Columba of Rieti, Margaret of Castello, Catherine of Siena and Rose of Lima reflect their care for the poor and the abandoned. These holy women preached sermons just as eloquent as any preached from a pulpit. 154 pp. Softcover. 

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