Angelic Warfare Confraternity Medal

The medal is to be worn only by confraternity members. (For more information about enrollment, visit One side of the medal shows, as the Latin wording explains: "St. Thomas Aquinas girded by the angels." The other side shows Our Lady giving the Rosary to St. Dominic and St. Catherine of Siena. The Latin words around this picture are, "Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us."

(Item 0509) Pewter 3/4" medal w/ bead chain

0509 Angelic Warfare Confraternity Medal

SKU: 0509
  • PLEASE NOTE that buying or receiving a cord or medal does not make one a member. The cord and/or medal may only be worn by validly received and enrolled members of the confraternity. If you are new to the confraternity, we advise you to purchase the complete membership packet which contains all you need, along with instructions. 


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