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AWC Knotted Cord Chaplet (2 colors & sizes avail.)

SKU: 5282,5283,5284,5285
  • Find it hard to remember to say your two AWC prayers and the 15 Hail Marys each day? Here is a custom-designed knotted cord chaplet to help you remember! Handcrafted by cloistered Dominican nuns, this bracelet features 15 Hail Mary knots, a separate large knot for the two prayers, and a St. Thomas Aquinas medal (to remind you of the patron of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity). NOTE: This chaplet does NOT stretch. Some may want to wear it around the wrist, so it is offered in two sizes, to accommodate larger and smaller hands. Small are approx. 3.5" across; large are approx. 4"-4.5" across. Medal can be detached if desired.

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