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I think you have a project that is very helpful to the pro-life movement. Your booklet provides an excellent educational tool for use in pro-life work. It is informative and warm and provides fetal development information in a way that encourages respect for the life of the unborn child. I think that it has a place in the work of crisis pregnancy centers.
--Wanda Franz, Ph.D., National Right to Life Committee

0275 Baby Margaret Mary

SKU: 0275
  • By Gale Crush. A gentle, loving, beautiful booklet that shows the development of the unborn child week by week through birth. Each page features a colorful painting of the child’s development along with a letter from Baby Margaret Mary, who shares all her joy and excitement at each stage of her growth. A relevant Scripture quote is woven into each week’s letter. Great resource for families and pregnancy aid centers! 44 pp. Softcover.

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