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By Msgr. Hilary C. Franco, STD, JCL, MA SOC
(Msgr. Franco is assistant nuncio from the Vatican at the United Nations)

As a young priest, Msgr. Hilary Franco worked closely with Archbishop Sheen from 1959-1967, sharing in his travels and trials, his joys and his sorrows, and his prayer life. Then for 12 further years, the two stayed in close communication by letter, phone and visits until Archbishop Sheen passed away in 1979. In an easy, conversational style, Msgr. Franco now shares his precious memories of this time. Read his first-hand accounts of:

• the Archbishop’s friendships with many famous persons, including Bl. Mother Teresa
• his conversions of well-known atheists and Communists
• his sense of humor
• his daily schedule, including daily prayer pauses with his assistants
• his relationships with the poor and beggars
• how the Venerable Archbishop “convinced” an alcoholic actress to go to confession
• his worldwide travels and conferences
• his friendships with Popes John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II
• how he saw his work at Vatican Council II, and some of his insights at that historical time
• the inside story of his appointment to the diocese of Rochester, NY.

You won’t want to be without this unique view into the life of one who will surely be counted among America’s greatest saints!

BONUS: Includes an in-depth interview of Msgr. Franco in which he reveals Archbishop Sheen’s thoughts on reverence to the Eucharist, the formation of seminarians, the loss of thousands of priests and religious sisters, his prophetic insights about the future of the Church in America, and much more!

160 pp. Softcover. Photos.

B3293 Bishop Fulton Sheen, Mentor and Friend

SKU: B3293
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