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A remarkable presentation of the Church's teaching on the necessary role community pays in the Church, the State and the Family... All readers will stand in awe of Fr. Mullady's lucid presentation....—Fr. Reginald Martin, OP

B3294 Christian Social Order (Book)

SKU: B3294
  • By Fr. Brian Mullady, OP. A clear, orderly guide for those who want to understand Catholic social thought. Part I examines the nature of society (based on classical thought and Thomistic writings) and the theoretical principles of social order. Covers the origin and nature of authority, conscience, rights and more. These principles are then applied to the basic human societies: the family, the state and the Church. Part II presents a Catholic vision of how the two most basic human societies (family and state) must pursue their goals; includes some practical points on economics and business ethics. 187 pp. Softcover.

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