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B3475 The Seven Penitential Psalms in Time of Pandemic (booklet)

  • By Fr. Peter Stravinskas. From our days in Catholic grammar school, we should recall the mnemonic device given to remember the four “ends” of prayer: ACTS — Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving, Supplication. We find all four of those ends in the Psalter. In this booklet, we intend to focus on contrition — sorrow for sin—especially in view of the uncertainties caused by the pandemic.

    The psalms' meaning needs to be uncovered through prayerful reflection with the goal of shutting out all distractions, so as to fill our minds and hearts with the thoughts and sentiments of the psalmist, entering into his experience of our God. This prayerful reflection is the aim of this booklet. A valuable aid to prayer. 

    42 pp. Softcover.

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