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Love Your Body Pamphlet

SKU: 0394
  • The Love Your Body pamphlet, designed for an abortion-minded woman,  was extensively researched to appeal to the fact-minded generation. Written from the angle of the pregnant woman's concerns for herself: her health and well-being in body, mind, spirit. It gives solid facts on the effects abortion can have physically, emotionally and on relationships. It also creates a window into the world of her unborn child from a very personal "mom" view— "Baby can feel you poke your belly." Eight-panel pamphlet on glossy paper.

    Three versions available: one for women in general, another for Hispanic women, and another for black/minority women. The latter gives statistics showing that blacks have by far the highest percentage of abortions. 

    This listing is for the version for women in general. For the other versions, search for stock #0395 and #0396.

    PLEASE NOTE that it costs more to order 2 packets of 25 (of same title) than to order one pack of 100. This is because, for orders of fewer than 100, we have to open packages of 100 and manually count them out. If you order 2 packets of 25, we may substitute a pack of 100.

    Any of these versions can be printed with your pregnancy resource center's address added on the back. Only a $25 additional set-up fee in addition to the base price. Call us for more information: 800-764-8444 or email

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