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Marigold (by the Hillbilly Thomists)

  • Available as a CD or in a 2-record vinyl album! Will ship by July 26.

    In August 2023, the Hillbilly Thomists retreated to a cabin in the Catskill Mountains to record their fourth and most recent studio album of original music, Marigold. Continuing to draw from the vivid cultural and spiritual landscape of the band’s unofficial patron, Flannery O’Connor, who coined the phrase “hillbilly Thomist,” the friars have put together an album that’s at once old and new, rooted in the rich soil of traditional American music and blossoming into a lyrical meditation on life’s enduring trials and beauty.



    CD track listing:

    Justify You



    Don't Take It Back

    Christ Has a Garden

    When We All Get Together


    Saturday Night

    Heavenly Land


    Stand in the Light


    What Did I Do To You


    The vinyl album also features 4 additional live tracks from the Hillbilly Thomists' live performance at the Grand Ole Opry.

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