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B3087 St. Martin de Porres: Father of the Poor

SKU: B3087
  • Full title: St. Martin de Porres, Father of the Poor. By Theo Stearns. We receive many requests for a life of our patron. Here is an exciting short life of St. Martin de Porres, who faced many of the same problems that plague our own day. Born in 1600’s Lima, Peru, St. Martin was a biracial child born out of wedlock and rejected by his own father. Son of a working mother, Martin lived joyfully and selflessly serving others. He was trained as a physician and showed great compassion towards the poor, the sick and the dying, often working miracles on their behalf. His life as a Dominican lay brother was lived in utter simplicity and humility, but was also marked by many miracles and marvels. Read how St. Martin bilocated to save his sister’s marriage, preached in the Orient without leaving Lima, instructed and consoled slaves, passed through locked doors, predicted the future, saved his confreres’ vocations through supernatural knowledge, raised a dead pet to life, rid the monastery of mice without harming a single one, and many other astonishing facts! Fascinating — you won’t be able to put it down! 82 pp. Softcover. OSBN 978-1-892875-26-6

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