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B3266 The Spiritual Doctrine/Little Flower (Booklet)

SKU: B3266
  • Full title: The Spiritual Doctrine of the Little Flower. By Fr. Peter Stravinskas. A collection of five homilies, delivered for various occasions at Carmelite monasteries, on some of the major themes of the Little Flower’s spiritual message. Introduces the reader to St. Therese’s thoughts on a wide range of topics: the nature of faith, the meaning of holiness, the place of Sacred Scripture in a believer’s life, the centrality of the Eucharist, our duty to respect and pray for priests, the importance of evangelization, and others. Excellent for personal reading and reflection on retreats or days of recollection, or as the basis for discussion in third order or prayer groups. Great introduction to St. Therese for high school religious education classes or adult education programs. Can provide a springboard to a more direct and extensive reading of the Little Flower’s works themselves. 50 pp. Softcover.

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