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—Excerpt from the book:


"Mary of the Rosary talked about the struggle between light and darkness. She called this struggle of our times 'serious combat.' On November 3, 1984, she said, “The great strength of God breaks every plan which the enemy wants to prepare.” Mary encourages us to conquer the evil that surrounds us. In her apparitions, she calls the Rosary a 'weapon.' She encourages us to use it, to conquer this evil."

B3135 The Woman Clothed With the Sun: Our Hope

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    SECOND EDITION. By Robert Feeney, lay Dominican. The first and, so far, the only book introducing the English-speaking world to these little-known, Church-approved apparitions and large shrine of Mary of the Rosary in San Nicolás, Argentina. 

    Many today—especially the young—find themselves feeling hopeless, empty and disoriented. In these apparitions beginning in 1983, the Mother of God emphasizes four key points that can foster hope in the world. In this book, Robert Feeney reveals and offers key messages about each of the four topics, demonstrating the hope that we can find in Mary if we follow her requests. 161 pp. Softcover.

    BONUS: free prayer leaflet included, with a prayer that Mary wants widely distributed and prayed! If you wish to order additional leaflets, they are available here.

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