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If you would like a concise and practical help in preparing for the Sacrament of Penance, I recommend to you the pamphlet A Primer for Confession with an Examination of Conscience by Fr. Frederick L. Miller, available from the St. Martin de Porres Lay Community at New Hope, KY.


Cardinal Raymond L. Burke


I just received your excellent new catalog of parish resources and want to congratulate you on a job well done.


Fr. Benedict Groeschel


You have the best prices. Your rates make it possible for me to reach more people. Thank you.


Peggy G.


At our liturgy on Feb. 8, we read  passages  from your book [St. Bakhita: From African Slave to Servant of the "Good Master'].... People present were moved to tears by Bakhita's witness, saying, "What an example of God's  forgiveness!!!"  Thank you - THANK YOU for your wonderful ministry to the Church in providing that wonderful little book!!!


Fr. Andrew W., NC



I look forward to studying your informative pamphlets. Your layout is certainly attractive. You have a tremendous ministry promoting the truths of our faith.


A religious sister


Thank you! Your materials are solid and very helpful!


Br. I.M., NY


I have an ongoing assortment of your pamphlets at our chapel door--my little part in re-evangelization.


Mother M.E., NY


I was under a different impression about birth control pills. I'm about to start on them, but after reading this [The Christian and Contraception pamphlet] I just might not. I would like more info about these abortifacients.


Becky D., TX


I counsel at an abortion clinic--I have used your pamphlet [Never to Live, Laugh or Love] for several years and I thank you for the best, most complete leaflet. It covers every question that may arise--it has been a godsend to save many, many babies over the years....


Alaine R., NJ


Your leaflet [now a booklet] on the mysteries of light is the best I have seen yet. I like the way it brings people into the Gospels AND doctrinal teaching. I will use it for RCIA and catechist formation.


June B., NY


I am impressed with how quickly this order got to me.

Thank you for such prompt service!


+JMJ+June, Honolulu


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